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My Favorite e-Learning Infographics

Summary: Christopher Pappas posted links to 10 Awesome Infographics About e-Learning. I looked at all ten and here are the three I liked best.

My top 3 graphicThe first infographic below discusses the principles of adult learning. Of course, this isn’t all that could be said about the topic, but the information Nicole gives here is generally consistent with the empirical evidence. In fact, it’s a good basic summary of who adult learners are, how they learn and how to apply adult learning principles to them.

The second infographic considers some of the pros and cons of e-learning vs. facilitator-led training. Guess who wins?

Finally, the third infographic presents the project management side of e-learning development. Here, I like the breakdown of the different roles and responsibilities – even though I often perform all of these functions on a project. I find that estimating the time it takes to create e-learning is highly variable however. So much depends on the nature of the project, the client, and the deadline you’re given.

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  1. August 16, 2013    

    Great article. I appreciate how detailed and thought out your infographics were. They gave me some great ideas for future projects. The layouts and comparisons that were used are brilliant. Thanks for the different layouts!

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