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#DevLearn-GS5: Dayna Steele – 101 Ways to Rock for Success

Summary: Dayna provided a number of techniques to make us more successful in life.

In the music industry, the term “going platinum” is synonymous with success. Are you creating platinum eLearning? If not, maybe some rock n’ roll inspiration will help. Legendary Radio Hall of Fame DJ Dayna Steele has found platinum success teaching the leadership lessons she learned from the most successful entertainers of our generation, including Bono and Bruce Springsteen. She’s the creator of the Space Store, the world’s largest space-related e-commerce venture, and founder of Smart Girls Rock, a social media network and product line encouraging girls to make “smart the new cool.” Her latest book is 101 Ways to Rock Your World.

Here are Dayna’s “secrets of being an e-learning rock star”:

  • Passion: This gives you the courage to try things even though you may fail. But you must also know the passions of your audience. Therefore, when we build our e-learning, we must consider our audience, and their wants and needs too.
  • Homework: Do your homework. Be prepared for whatever events and tasks are before you, including meeting clients. Read everything you can, including topics you don’t normally read. Doing this helps you grow in unexpected ways.
  • Do things for other people without expecting anything in return: We should share our information and knowledge with other people.
  • Ask for what you want and need: Whether it’s help or just information, people in your network will respond. But keep it brief. Success in networking is not for sissies – you need to ask.
  • Appreciation: We should be more appreciative to all of those around us, even busboys and others who can’t necessarily help us in obvious ways.
  • Do special, nice things to help others just because it is the right thing to do: People won’t forget your being kind to them, and it will give you satisfaction too.
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